1. A 50% down payment of the total cost of the job/order/service is due at the time the order is placed.
Remaining balance is due when job/order/service is complete.
Agreed upon rates will hold for duration of completed job.

2. If client is unable to or cannot fulfill final pay for the jobs/services/orders that the designer completed, then the designer is under no obligation to deliver jobs/services and reserves the right to cancel or withhold any job/order/service.

3. If client cancels a written contract agreement, a 20% administration fee of the total cost will be charged.
If client cancels a completed and approved job, an additional 25% administration fee of the remaining total balance will be charged.

4. This agreement is subject to the terms and conditions printed on this document and with the understanding by both parties that it supersedes all previous and verbal agreements between client and the designer.

5. Any spelling errors by the client, his employees or his representatives are his sole responsibility.  If a printing error by the designer should occur, the client will receive 15% off the client’s next job/order/service.

6. The designer, reserves the right to reject or deny any job/order/service at any time.

7. All jobs, designed and printed by the designer, will become sole property of the designer. Master files can be bought at an agreed upon rate.

All the photos and design work presented in this website have been created by Mario Moreno and are the property of Mario Moreno unless stated other wise.
Any use of any design or photography without permission is prohibited.